Business banking made easy

Your biggest task in business is to stay profitable. The way you bank plays a part, but so does the amount of time you have to spend managing your money. We’re here to make it easier for you to run your business and manage your business banking.

Get the right combination of business banking products

Get your business off to a great start by getting the right banking products for your business. It can be a bit confusing to try and work out what you need, but we’ll help you every step of the way.

Here are a few things to consider.

Day-to-day business banking

The right mixture of transaction, savings and specialised accounts give you somewhere to store your money and some way to access it when you need it.

Online banking can help you manage your everyday banking as well as track and reconcile your expenses easily.

Check out our Day to Day Banking Product Selector if you’re unsure what you might need to get started.

Making and receiving payments

To run your business efficiently and stay profitable, you need the most effective way to manage the two sides of cash flow—making and receiving payments.

When you’re thinking about ways to make payments you might need a combination of facilities or services.

You might find business cards are the best way of managing your expenses and cash flow. Or, you might also need a way to manage a high volume of direct credits or cheques.

When you’re trying to choose the best ways to receive payments from your customers, you not only have to consider what your customers want, but also what you can manage. Whatever you decide, the methods you choose have to be flexible, secure, affordable and convenient.

Business banking packages

Don’t forget, a customised business banking package for small to medium business, like NAB Business Fundamentals, can give you all the essentials you need. A business package can offer you discounts and benefits you may not get on individual products.

Apart from reducing costs for your business, consolidating your banking under a package can save you time when it comes to managing your banking.

Learn more about the advantages of business banking packages

Business finance, loans and leasing

There are probably going to be times when you need access to extra funds when your surplus or cash flow is running low. For these times, you might find a business card or a business overdraft on your transaction account useful.

Of course, when you’re starting your business or trying to expand, longer term business finance might be needed.

For a major investment like upgrading your property, equipment or vehicles, we can help you decide whether to finance things upfront or save your working capital and take a leasing option instead.

If you have little access to affordable business credit and need help starting or supporting your small business, you could consider applying for a NAB Microenterprise Loan.

Domestic and international trade

If you import or export goods, you need to understand the risks and know how to manage them.  We have international trade products and supply chain specialists to help you handle overseas transactions, get access to funds quickly and manage foreign exchange risk.

Business insurance

You want to be in a robust financial position, whatever life throws at you and your business. That means protecting yourself, your business and assets with the right kind of business insurance.

Adequate insurance can protect everyone that relies on your business, and return control of your business’ future back to you after a disaster.

We’ll guide you through all the business insurance options to help you make one of the most important business decisions.

Wealth development

Building wealth for your business’ future, and to reach your own goals in life, requires a plan that includes superannuation alongside other investment options.

Our financial planning specialists can help create an investment strategy that covers everything from your lifestyle goals to business expansion plans.

Get the right advice and ongoing support

You shouldn’t be left wondering where to start and if you’re making the right choices. That’s what business banking specialists are for.

Our team of Small Business bankers can help guide you through the process of setting up your business banking and provide ongoing support as your business changes.

Keep learning—use our helpful tools, calculators, online training and guides whenever you can. We’ve done much of the hard work for you to put the information together so you can spend more time on your business.

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