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Managing cash flow

Understanding cash flow is the key to running a successful small business. Good cash flow management will help ensure your business runs smoothly and it gives you the insight to keep on top of your business’ financial health. Our range of cash flow management resources below can help you learn how to get a better understanding of your cash flow numbers and uncover opportunities to help improve the running of your business.

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Microenterprise loans: supporting start-ups & small business

Too often, great Australian ideas go unrealised. NAB believes in supporting Aussie innovation with a range of microfinance options.

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Staff at the heart of E&C Joinery: Kochie’ Business Builders

Kochie’s Business Builders visits Pakenham Victoria to visit E&C Joinery. Owner Erick Joosten who runs the business with his wife Cheryl, shares his story and the key to his two decades of success and longevity in an unpredictable building industry.

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Get back to financial health with NAB Care: Kochie’s Business Builders

In small business, there are always going to be ups and downs. If your business is experiencing unexpected short-term financial difficulties NAB Care can help get you back on the road to success.

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Protect your business through diversification: Kochie’s Business Builders

When times are good it’s important to turn your growth into assets. It doesn’t make smart business sense to have an ‘all eggs in one basket’ approach. It’s important to diversify and back up your business with growth assets like property and shares.

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270 million reasons to jump on board UnionPay – as seen on Kochies Business Builders

Did you know NAB is the only Australian bank that supports the processing of ‘UnionPay’ debit and credit cards both on EFTPOS and Online via NAB Transact? Learn how your business can benefit from UnionPay and NAB ecommerce solutions.

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Purchasing investment property through your SMSF

As a small business owner, you may be able to now purchase your business premises through your self managed super fund and have your business as the tenant. Kochie and NAB Financial Planning’s GM get you across the ins and outs of using your SMSF to invest in property.

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Taking payments on the go with NAB Transact

Kochie’s Business Builders is full of big tips for small business! Accepting payments on the go can be vital for small businesses success. In this episode of Kochie’s Business Builders, we talk about how payment methods have changed and how to keep up with the changing consumer landscape.

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Budget sales forecast template

Work out your expected sales revenue to calculate your profit potential and help you complete your cash flow forecast.

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