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To keep your business running smoothly, it’s important to regularly assess how your business is doing. Check your business finances and see what you could do to help improve your financial position with our Small Business Resources, including a range of ‘how to’ guides, online training modules, videos, tools and calculators.

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Creating a cash reserve

Discover the benefits of creating a cash reserve and get some tips on how to create one for your own business.

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Creating a cash flow forecast

Understanding your cash flow is critical to your business survival. Learn how to crunch the numbers and uncover ways to improve the running of your business.

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Five ways to increase your profit

Learn how to identify five ways to increase your profit and improve the financial position of your business.

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How to collect debts

Debt management is an important part of business and neglecting it can be detrimental. Learn how to reduce debt problems and collect debt more efficiently.

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How to successfully negotiate contracts

Contract negotiation is common in all businesses. Learn the factors to consider and steps to take to increase the likelihood of a more favourable outcome.

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Hiring employees

Hiring the most appropriate candidate for your role is crucial to the success of the employee and your business. Discover the recommended steps to assist you through the recruitment process.

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