Changing the limit on your credit card

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Most credit cards have a minimum and a maximum credit limit. As you will read below, the minimum limit depends on your card type. The maximum limit depends on the amount you apply for (and the bank’s comfort that you will be able to repay that amount). But there might be times when you need to change your limit.

You can reduce your limit immediately

If your credit card limit is higher than you want or need, you can pick a lower limit and we’ll usually be able to shift you onto that new limit straight away.

The quickest way to do this is in NAB Internet Banking. Open the Apply now menu and select Credit card credit limit and you can instantly reduce your limit. You can also call us or see us in any NAB branch.

When you choose a new credit limit, keep in mind that you can’t apply to raise your limit again for six months (see below).

There’s only so low you can go

There are only two things that could stop you from lowering your credit card limit:

1. You can’t go lower than your balance

You can’t set a limit that’s lower than whatever your balance is. (Check your current balance with NAB Internet Banking or NAB Telephone Banking.) So if your balance is $2,000 and you try to reduce your limit to $1,500, we won’t let you. $2,000 would be the lowest limit you could go to.

We wouldn’t allow you to do this because you’d suddenly owe more than your limit.

If you can make a payment to reduce your balance, you can give yourself more room to bring your limit down. You might reduce some now and then reduce it more again in a couple of months when you’ve lowered your balance more. If your credit card debt has got away from you, reducing your balance as you pay it off could be a good way to help get your spending back under control.

2. Each type of credit card has a ‘minimum credit limit’

Minimum credit card limits start at $500 and go up from there depending on the card type (eg Platinum cards have a higher minimum credit limit).

If you want to go below the limit for your card type (unless your minimum is already $500), you can request to change your type of card. Just remember that if you do, you may lose your platinum or gold benefits like complimentary insurances. You’ll usually still keep any rewards points showing on your statement, but it is worth checking.

Our blog post Important questions to ask when you’re choosing a credit card can help you make the right decision.

Need to increase your limit? That’s a credit application

Shifting your credit card’s credit limit up can take longer than bringing it down. That’s because you’re requesting more credit from us, and we have to use the same credit assessment process as we would if you were applying for a new card.

If you apply through NAB Internet Banking, it could take up to a few days. If you request a higher limit over the phone, some changes can be made straight away.

So, if there’s a one-day furniture sale coming up and you’re hoping to boost your credit limit so you can grab some bargains, give yourself enough time to make sure your limit can be increased.

Increases can only be made again after six months

If you want to change your card’s credit limit up or down, try and think about your budget for the next half-year. As long as you’re not trying to go below the card’s minimum limit or below your balance, you can always make your limit lower.

But once you change your limit, you can’t increase it for the next six months. After that, you can apply to change it again.

Read how you can Change your credit card to suit your needs.

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56 Responses to Changing the limit on your credit card

  1. Tracey says:

    Quite bemused at requirements for increasing limit change from when Credit Card was first received. Reduced the initial amount offered to me and when some life event came around, tried to increase my limit by to an amount 40%less than what was offered to me and was rejected. everything else stayed the same. Please explain why this is different.

  2. Ashlee says:

    Was it within 6 months of first reducing the limit, Tracey?

    I just applied to increase my limit after dropping it a few weeks ago and only just NOW realised it can only be done once every 6 months, it would have been nice to know this when I submitted the application. The system should somehow be able to stop an application actually going through!

  3. Nora BEISIEGEL THIELE says:

    Would like to Request to an INCREASED AMOUNT in my CREDIT LIMIT IN MY NAB VISA CARD would like to Visit my Sister who have a BREAST CANCER in SYDNEY PLease .

    • NAB says:

      Hi Nora, I’m sorry to hear this I can imagine it would be a difficult time for you and your family. I would love to see how we can help in putting through a credit limit increase application for you. Please send a contact phone number to and I can have our Cards Team give you a ring to assist with the application ^JP

  4. matt says:

    Hi i put a app in for credit increase and.never heard back its been bout 3 weeks ?

  5. i want to change my card limit as in now now

    • NAB says:

      Hi WLM, you can either contact our Cards Team on 13 22 65 to put through an application or alternatively submit one through Internet Banking by clicking on the Apply/Offers tab and then ‘Change credit limit’ and fill out the application form ^JP

  6. Hong Tuoi Le says:

    I want my credit card limit up to 7000 please.

  7. Lijo Varghese says:

    i would like to know about the student credit card, it says that the minimum credit limit is 500$, then what about the maximum credit i can get from the student credit card?, Can i increase the credit to a maximum of 1500 or 2000$ later, or should i go for a new one.

  8. Kate says:

    Got applied for a $500 credit card because I didn’t think ild be approved for any more and It came back I couldn’t get a $500 one but could get $2500 so I wanted $1500 and ended up with a $1000 one can that be changed due to having to book flights to get to Brisbane to be with my critical ill Nana? That was the whole point of getting it and when it approved me for $$2500 it saved me from having 2 lots of repayment I could just pay the 1 loan.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Kate,
      You can apply for a higher limit through Internet Banking, at a branch or by calling us on 13 66 22 and speaking to a card specialist (Click here for our hours of operation).
      Please be aware that if your card was opened in the last 6 months, it is highly unlikely that a higher limit will be granted. In that case, I would suggest waiting for the 6 months period to elapse, and applying then. I hope this helps. ^DH

  9. claudio landete says:

    I am trying to reduce mu credit card limit online but keep getting an error saying only the primary card holder can do this. I am the primary card holder so why cant I do it?

  10. Amber Walker says:

    I accidentally entered incorrect information regarding a credit increase application. How do I correct this?

    • NAB says:

      Hi Amber,

      if you were applying for the Credit Limit increase via your Internet Banking, you can send through a secure message (instructions here) with the corrections and the team will follow up.

      If not, send us an email at and we’ll be in touch ^SN

  11. Brett richardson says:

    I want to withdraw money from my credit card, how much is the interest rate

    • NAB says:

      Hi Brett,

      If you draw funds (either by making a cash withdrawal or transferring out) from your credit card, it will be considered a cash advance.

      Cash advances incur a cash advance fee and accrue cash advance interest immediately (ie, there is no interest free days).

      Currently all NAB cards have a cash advance interest rate of 21.74% p.a. indicative and subject to change.

      You’ll find more info on cash advance fees here ^SN

  12. Harry says:

    Hi, I applied my first credit card with nab online application and got approved in 60 second, my question is what would be the next step does it mean I got approve for credit card n will get it or not

    • NAB says:

      Hi Harry, if you are not yet a NAB Customer – you will need to visit your NAB Branch to show 100 points of ID (eg Licence, Medicare) once you have done this, your card will be delivered to you. Drop a line at if you have further questions :) ^LB

  13. john says:

    I am concerned about credit card security, which payWave compromises on small transactions . Can you confirm that should a credit card be lost or stolen, the usual failsafe of the account’s credit limit will apply.

    • NAB says:

      Hi John, like your existing Credit Card, we have our Credit Card Fraud team monitoring your account activity. If your Credit Card is lost or stolen and your card is used, we can still dispute the transaction(s) to recover the stolen funds ^LB

  14. benny says:

    I would like to know if the credit limit increase is automatic every six months like for example receiving a letter saying that i am eligible of credit limit increase of $2000? Or we need to apply for credit limit increase every 6months? Thanks.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Benny, you are eligible to apply for a credit limit increase every six months – you can do this via phone, through your internet banking or at a branch. Some customers like the option to receive credit limit increase invitations but this has no time frame for how often they are sent out, if you would like to opt in for the invitations or to apply for an increase you can give us a call on 132265 from 8am-7pm Mon-Fri, or 9am-6pm on weekends (AEST/AEDT) ^TC

  15. josh says:

    I was wondering what are the main requirements for a credit increse
    does the card have to have no money owing ?

    • NAB says:

      Hi Josh, you can still have a balance owing on your card when you apply for a credit limit increase. The requirements are the same as for a credit card application. We’ll look at your income, repayment history and credit files, to ascertain your ability to repay this new limit. You can request a limit increase over the phone, on 13 22 65 (+61 3 8641 9083 if you’re overseas) from 8am-7pm Mon-Fri, or 9am-6pm on weekends (AEST/AEDT), by visiting a NAB branch or through Internet Banking by clicking on your credit card in the Account Summary page – I hope this helps ^DH

  16. Edwina says:

    Hi ! What is the “nominated credit limit” visible on the online form to request a change of credit limit ? Thank you in advance.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Edwina,

      It sounds like this might be the new credit limit you’d like to nominate on your credit card.

      To be sure, please email a copy of the form you’re referring to and the team will be in touch ^SN

  17. Adam Mortley says:

    Hello I made an application to increase my credit card limit yesterday morning via my internet banking. How long does this take as i really need to know ASAP if it can be approved quickly.

    Thankyou in advance

    Adam Mortley

    • NAB says:

      Hi Adam, online credit limit increase applications can take up to 7 business days – you can talk to a card specialist by calling 132265 to see if the application has been started. If it hasn’t the team can assist you in having an application processed on that call ^TC

  18. Sarah says:


    I’ve just applied for a low rate nab credit card that is currently on a special for 0% interest at them moment for 12 months. I was given a credit limit of $5500. I would like to increase that and was wondering what is the maximum I can go up to? Thank you.

  19. Leeanne says:

    I was told to send through info for a credit card application but the email address they gave me bounces back

  20. Joshua says:

    I want to know. If I reduce my credit limit as I pay it off. Do I still need to wait 6 months for the next reduction. In a bit of a tight spot with my payments at the moment. Looking for a little credit management on my behalf ha ha.

  21. Fiona says:

    Applied for a credit card, than I recieve a text message saying ” I need to reply back YES if I want my credit card to be sent.
    Is this a scam or does this usually happens with NAB

    • NAB says:

      Hi Fiona,

      Usually, two messages are sent.

      One containing the Key Fact Sheet for the credit card you applied for and the other requesting your consent to the Terms and Conditions by replying ‘Yes’ to it.

      If you need further clarification, please email us at and we’ll chat further ^SN

  22. Sina says:


    I was wondering where I can find the credit card for students page ?
    you used to have that but it seems to be removed !
    and another question, do we need to be a permanent resident to apply for a credit card or even the student credit card ? or can we apply while holding a student visa ?


  23. Moh says:

    Good Day,

    Just wanted to find out if there is minimum time required to apply for a credit limit increase after the account has been opened.


  24. Lisa says:

    Hi, is the minimum credit limit the amount one must spend with the credit within a limited time? What is the limited time required to spend the minimum credit limit? Thanks!

    • NAB says:

      Hi Lisa, the minimum credit limit is the smallest amount of money that you can have as your limit. Different cards have different minimum credit limits. I hope this helps clarify ^DK

  25. sabine williams says:

    I am pretty disgusted at the requirements for credit card increases. I have been with the bank for years and the account is in my name ( I have other accounts with my husband in 2 other banks). My husband is a second signature on my account. We have the most money we have ever had in our lives, right now. We dont have any loans. We pay all our bills and rent immediately. Even my branch admitted to me that it didnt matter that I had a flawless record with them. I was declined, prior to a holiday which was being paid for mainly upfront, that I was rejected an increase in my credit card. Why? because my income is less than $20, 000 a year and this is actual legislation in the govt. As a so-called protection. I said to the lady that that means I am being discriminated against as I am a disability pensioner. She said thats not true. I explained that is is because the govt wont increase my income yet penalise me for it by making it impossible to raise my credit card from measly $500 limit. That is just PATHETIC. To me there is NO EXCUSE for treating me that way, I dont CARE what the legislation is because I should be looked at as an individual, a person with good ethics who is not in debt and well able to pay off my credit card… I pay it immediately on 95% of the occasions I use it as I dont have any interest free days. I absolutely think that “lower income” people have been slapped with a stigma that they dont pay their bills yet may i point out its the many millionaires who are getting bankrupt and losing everything plus their creditors money, because of credit card debt, not me. I post no risk at all and I am offended that I am not even a person to my bank or any other bank either.

  26. Nicole says:

    How often can I reduce my credit limit, and what is the minimum reduction amount each time?

    • NAB says:

      Hi Nicole,

      There is no limit to the amount you can reduce your credit limit by, provided you note the below:

      - Your requested credit limit is not lower than what’s currently owed on the account ( ie you can’t reduce your credit card limit to $1,000.00 if your current balance owed is $1,500.00)

      - your requested credit limit is not lower that the minimum limit for your type of card (ie. as at 04/08/2015 our NAB Qantas Rewards Premium card has a minimum credit limit of $6,000.00 – subject to change. You could not request to have your credit limit reduced to less than that on that type of card) ^SN

  27. meryle maxwell says:

    hi I have a very ill husband and would like to increase my credit limit from 6-8 thousand dollars but I have only had the card for 3 months am I able to do this. I really need medical help for my husband, thanks Meryle

    • NAB says:

      Hi Meryle,

      I’m very sorry to hear of your husband’s ill health.

      You may apply for a credit limit increase on your card by calling us on 13 22 65 Mon-Fri 8am-7pm and Sat-sun 9am-6pm AEST.

      This way you can discuss your options should the limit increase request not be approved ^SN

  28. David says:

    What happens if you are notified by SMS that you. accidentally exceeded your credit card limit

    • NAB says:

      Hi David,

      If you have exceeded the limit on your credit card account, you need to make a payment into your account as soon as you can.

      If you’re unsure of the amount due, you may contact our Cards Specialist Team on 13 22 65 Mon-Fri 8am-7pm and Sat-Sun 9am-6pm AEST ^SN

  29. Abdul says:

    I have applied credit card for first time with online nab, then I have received call from, nab credit card dept, and ask me to provide 100 point I’d, then pay slip, bank statement which my salary come in, and Adress proof.

    I already provide, all the detail to the bankers required,
    Then I have received call said, my credit card is approve,

    Then how long will be to received the credit card, pls advice me.


    • NAB says:

      Hi Abdul, once your card has been approved, you should receive the card or a letter confirming where to collect your card in the post in the next 5-7 days. If you haven’t received that, please give us a call on 13 22 65 and the team can look into it for you ^BH

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