Cyclone Oswald and NAB’s flood and bushfire relief package

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NAB’s natural disaster relief package available to customers affected by floods in Queensland and New South Wales

NAB customers affected by the Queensland and NSW floods can access a range of relief measures as they continue to recover from ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald.

While the storm has passed, subsequent flooding continues to cause widespread damage to parts of the state, many of which were hit with the devastating 2011 floods.

All NAB customers affected by the events are eligible for support and are encouraged to contact the bank – business customers should contact their banker – to discuss their individual circumstances and work out the best way to help.

NAB’s relief measures

Included in the package of relief measures that we’ll consider for NAB and Homeside customers facing financial difficulty as a result of the floods are:

  • suspending home and personal loan repayments for up to three months
  • waiving fees and costs for withdrawing term deposits early
  • waiving home loan and personal loan application fees
  • credit card and personal loan relief where appropriate
  • offering special premium arrangements and concessions for customers with MLC personal insurance who are suffering financial hardship
  • support and counselling through NAB’s Employee Assistance Program.

Who to contact

For more information and assistance, customers can:

Insurance enquiries

For more information and assistance on MLC insurance products call 132 652, or for NAB property or motor vehicle insurance products call Allianz on 1300 555 013 or visit Allianz claims website.

Branch closures

Due to these weather conditions we will be temporarily closing stores in both QLD and NSW until conditions are safe enough to reopen.

Bushfire relief

NAB customers affected by recent bushfires in Tasmania, ACT, and NSW can also access similar relief packages as listed above.  In addition to relief packages for bushfire affected customers, we’ve also been taking donations on behalf of the Red Cross and our generous customers and staff have so far raised over $25,000 in addition to the $100,000 donated directly by NAB to the Red Cross Appeal.

Contribute to the disaster relief efforts

Anyone wishing to contribute to the recovery effort can make a donation to the Red Cross Queensland Floods Appeal 2013 at NAB branches across Australia, or you can donate online via NAB Internet banking.


QLD branch closures

  • Laidley (open from 10am – 2pm only)
  • All other closed branches are now reopened

NSW branch closures:

  • Maclean
  • Campsie

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3 Responses to Cyclone Oswald and NAB’s flood and bushfire relief package

  1. As a fire effected family, that is to say, someone who has had their house burnt down in Tasmania, and as a large family that has received more than most in red cross appeal assistance, I wish from the bottom of my heart that businesses such as the NAB would choose better ways of donating their funding. In our opinion the funds given into the hands of the Red Cross have not gone to where they are needed most. We are seeing at least 20 percent of this money going to businesses, and at least 20% being spent on community projects such as a proposed pathway or maybe a jetty or a bridge. Meanwhile we also see older folk who were not insured receive about $5 to 10 thousand in total, who are now living in tents but will probably end up evicted. I am sure if those who are donating realized this they would have chosen another way of giving their money directly to these people. .

    • Jess says:

      David, I respect that everyone has their opinion but as someone who recently lost both their home and business to flood, it is beyond me as to why you would complain about businesses receiving assistance? Businesses are the lifeblood of our community. Where else would you buy groceries, seek medical care, purchase your clothing? Should the government open up a few shops because businesses were unable to recover financially and had to close? A ridiculous notion. I understand the hardship experienced by pensioners, I am seeing it everyday. But the difference for these people unfortunately is more than a few more thousand dollars can fix. Further, it is inevitable that some would take advantage of the system. I guess my conclusion is, there is no perfect system for distributing donated funds and everyones priorities are different. But please, don’t forget how important Australian businesses are to our communities.

  2. Alana says:

    Could u please call me this morning I would like to apply for this disaster package please and unlock my Internet banking online service please

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