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Internet crime, online scams, credit card fraud. There are easy things you can do to help prevent these from happening.

Here are a few tips to keep your debit card, credit card, PIN, Telephone / Internet Banking passwords and authentication device secure. It’s also helpful to show these tips to anyone else authorised to use your account.

By working together we can improve internet security and reduce crime, identity fraud and identity theft.

Card security tips

  • Immediately sign the back of your card.
  • Don’t let anyone else use your card, NAB ID or authentication device.
  • Always know where your card is, keep it safe from loss or theft and keep your eye on home security.
  • Be mindful of card fraud and security on the internet. You don’t want your identity stolen.
  • Don’t forget your card and receipt at the ATM.
  • Let your provider know immediately if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Upon expiry cut your card diagonally in half (including any embedded microchip on the card; magnetic strip and security code).
  • Don’t use an ATM if you think something’s not right.

More information on cards and security:

Password, PIN and Telephone / Internet Banking security tips

  • Keep security details confidential and do not record them and store with your cards.
  • Memorise your details if you can.
  • Banks should never asks for security details online so ignore any emails purporting to be from a bank asking you to enter your details.
  • Don’t let anyone see you entering your password or PIN.
  • Notify your bank immediately if you lose or forget a password or PIN or if someone else uses it.
  • Avoid easy to guess combinations of numbers or letters or ones easily identifiable with you ie. your birthday, car rego, mobile, post code, and so on.
  • Regularly change your PIN and passwords.
  • Contact your provider to see what added security features they offer.

Tips to avoid scams and hoaxes

  • Banks should never asks for security details online, so ignore any emails purporting to be from a bank asking you to enter them.
  • Ensure your computer has the latest security software and operating system updates.
  • Be cautious when using computers in internet cafes, hotels and airport lounges, refer to online security tips.
  • Type the full web link (such as www.nab.com.au)  into your browser when you plan to use lnternet Banking.
  • “SCAMwatch” at www.scamwatch.gov.au is a good resource.
  • Contact your provider if something looks suspicious.

Tips to reduce the risk of identity theft

  • Secure your letterbox as thieves can use the personal details in your mail.
  • Notify your provider immediately of any change to your address or contact details.
  • Destroy or shred any documents containing personal information before throwing them out.

When you should notify your provider

  • If you tell any one else your PIN, codes or passwords
  • Your card or authentication device is misused, lost or stolen.
  • There is an error, unauthorised access or transaction on your account.
  • Your mobile phone is lost or stolen and your mobile phone number is registered for SMS Security.
  • If there is a breach in your security, change your password and notify us immediately.

You’ll be liable

Always remember to withdraw your card whenever you finish using an ATM. You’re liable for any money lost as a result of someone else using your card to withdraw or transfer funds.

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23 Responses to Electronic banking security tips

  1. Dani Sargeant says:

    I have received a particularly good fraudulent email from a provider purporting to be NAB. Can you please send me an email address for your fraud team so that I can forward it to you for your information?

    Dani Sargeant

  2. Alana says:

    Can I get added security on my account,

  3. NAB says:

    Hi Alana, to have extra security on your accounts, it’s best to set up passwords including alpha & numeric & also ensuring that they’re unrecognisable. We also have the ability to place debit restrictions on accounts – if you need further info send an email to social.media@nab.com.au, thanks ^JP

  4. cuong says:

    Why i cant cash out from my visa card and all my account u push $0000 let me know why

  5. Rick says:

    I think I’ve been the victim of an internet transaction fraud.

    Recently I transferred money from my account to a st george account for the purchase of a phone from a private seller, but I haven’t heard back form the seller regarding the product and fear that my money may be lost as a result. The situation is quite distressing. Is there anything I can do to get my money back?


    • NAB says:

      That’s no good to hear Rick.
      The first thing to try would be to dispute it through the site in which you arranged the exchange (Eg. eBay/Paypal).
      Alternatively, we are able to lodge a dispute on your behalf to get our team to investigate the matter further.
      Here’s a link to give you information on our disputes process.
      If you like, e-mail me at social.media@nab.com.au so we can follow this up. ^RL

  6. Jacob says:

    I believe I may have fallen victim of a scam on gumtree.
    I am usually very diligent about it, but it seems I have slipped up this time
    There were no passwords or usernames exchanged, the person was only given my BSB and Acc no

    I thought it best to let NAB know as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    Jacob Hedger

    • NAB says:

      Hi Jacob, it’s definitely good to let your bank know if you think you have been a victim of a scam. If you have any concerns regarding the security of your accounts I recommend contacting us on 13 66 22 from 8am-7pm Mon-Fri, or 9am-6pm on weekends (AEST/AEDT). If you’re overseas, the number to call is +61 3 8641 9083. Alternatively, you can visit any NAB branch ^TC

  7. Brendan says:

    I have just found an unrecognized transaction on my saving’s account today…
    It has been labelled as “Miscellaneous Debit” on my saving’s (not everyday/debit credit card linked account). It does not have a subject/description as yet (I presume it should show up with something tomorrow).
    What should I do?

    • NAB says:

      Hi Brendan,

      Have the rest of the details relating to the transaction come through since?

      If they haven’t or if you do not recognise the transaction, please send through a secure message via your Internet Banking with the details (account number, date, amount) and the team will look into it and get back to you ^SN

  8. Phuong says:

    I sent my details to efraud@nab.com.au as required to unlock my internet banking as I have been relocated oversea and will not go back to Australia anytime soon. The phone number i register SMS security no longer in use and so I couldn’t receive any text from NAB with that phone number. I need to access to my remaining fund to transfer them out. However, It’s been a week since i sent my email with details attached but haven’t heard anything from NAB. Could you please get back to me? Thank you.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Phuong,

      Have you tried calling our Internet Banking team as yet on +61 3 8641 9083?

      They may be able to assist you with your Internet Banking access- As I’m unable to look into your accounts via this channel, I can’t check if the e-fraud team has received your email. For this reason it’s best to call us directly.

      Kind Regards,

      Social Media Team

  9. Tristan Tyler says:

    Hello. I think I’m a fraud victim as there is atleast 1 unorthorised payment come out of my debit card account what should I do

    • NAB says:

      Hi Tristan, if you think you’re a victim of fraud the best thing to do is call us on 13 22 65 immediately so the team can look into it ^BH

  10. Sudha Kiran says:

    Hi NAB team,
    Last week I purchased a product online and the amount I had to pay was just 2.99 AUD.
    But I have been incorrectly charged the below amounts
    1) 9.07 AUD
    2) 3.63 AUD
    3) 0.27 AUD
    4) 0.12 AUD
    5) 8.97 AUD
    6) 3.85 AUD

    Total 17.81 AUD

    I should be charged only 2.99 AUD. I have been fraudulently charged the remaining amount (17.81-2.99) = 14.82 AUD.
    Please help.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Sudha,
      That’s no good. If you do not recognise these transaction, please send through a secure message via your Internet Banking with the same details (account number, date, amount) and the team will look into disputing these transactions for you. Alternatively, you can contact our internet banking team on 13 66 22 from 8am-7pm Mon-Fri, or 9am-6pm on weekends (AEST/AEDT) ^VN

  11. Tony Rullo says:

    I have forgotten my credt card pin code, how can I find out what it is?

    • NAB says:

      Hi Tony, you will need to request a new PIN for your credit card which can then be changed to the number you’d like – this can be done at a branch, by calling 132265 or sending a secure message through your internet banking ^TC

  12. jesse says:

    I have been a victim of fraud and lost over $1,000 but because its been going on for more than 3 months without me knowing i can only claim 3 months. I am a very unhappy customer. I always deal with NAB and so does my partner. I also have home loans with NAB.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Jesse,

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve been the victim of Fraud.

      Can you please email us some further details of the type of Fraud and who has been assisting you from our Fraud Team and we’ll chat further ^SN

  13. NAB says:

    Hi Phuong, Sorry for the poor experience, I would love to follow this up for you, I have sent you an email via social.media@nab.com.au, please provide your best contact details. Thanks ^AR

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