Budgeting made easy with NAB Money Tracker

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If you’ve found it a challenge to keep your budget and savings goals on track, here’s some great news: NAB’s Money Tracker tool can make it much easier to reach your goals. Available through NAB Internet Banking, it’s easy to use and it won’t cost you a cent.

Money Tracker lets you see exactly what’s going on with your money – where you’re spending it and how you’re saving it – so you’re in complete control of your finances.

Take a look at our Money Tracker demo video for an overview of how it works – it’s only a couple of minutes long, but you’ll get to see how easy it is.

Get serious about saving

It’s easy to lose track of where your money goes each month; sometimes your income and expenses don’t quite add up. Whether you want to buy a house, start a family or save up for your dream holiday, it’s important to start budgeting to make sure you’re going to reach your financial goals.

If you haven’t already, read about how to get a budget together and get your savings together.

The benefits of using Money Tracker

Once you’ve worked out your budget and a savings plan, you can use Money Tracker to:

  • view your income and expenses by category
  • compare your income and expenses
  • set up budget targets and track them easily
  • set up savings goals and check their progress
  • see your savings forecast so you can plan ahead.

How does Money Tracker work?

Money Tracker is automatically available when you register for NAB Internet Banking, so if you’re not already registered, now is a good time to start!

When you login to NAB Internet Banking, you’ll see Money Tracker on the right-hand side of your Account summary screen.

Money Tracker only uses information from accounts linked to your NAB Internet Banking. If you have non-NAB accounts you want to include in your budgeting or savings goals, now is a good time to simplify your banking and have your accounts all in one place.

Money Tracker income expense screen

What do the icons mean?

These icons give you a quick view of the various elements of your Money Tracker:

Income and expenses - shows you a breakdown of where your money is coming from, like salary or investments, and has gone, like on groceries and electricity.

Budget targets - lets you see how you’re tracking on your monthly targets for each of your income and expenses categories.

Savings goals - shows you any goals you have set up – like saving for a holiday, buying a new couch, or a house deposit – and it shows you how you’re progressing towards each goal.

Savings forecast - shows you where your finances are heading based on your budget targets and savings goals.You can add scenarios like taking out a home loan or getting a pay rise to see how your forecast changes.

Account balance - gives you a view of the balance in all of your accounts for the week, month or year. You can also use the drop down box to view summaries of your individual accounts.

To get a snapshot of each section, click on the relevant icon. If you click on View details, you’ll be taken through to that section for a full picture and more options.

Or, you can choose the Money Tracker tab from the main internet banking menu and enter the tool. Either way will get you there.

When you select the Money Tracker tab, you’ll see that the menu gives you links to:

  • income and expenses
  • budget targets
  • savings goals
  • savings forecast
  • account balance
  • budgeting accounts.

These sections are where you can tailor your income and expenses categories, get your budget going and set up your savings goals.

A step-by-step guide to setting up your Money Tracker

To get Money Tracker working for you, you’ll need to make sure your income and expense categories are set up the way you want them, then set up your budget targets and savings goals. It’s really easy and won’t take you too long.

If you’re already using NAB Internet Banking, your account information from December 2012 will be in there already. If you started using internet banking after December 2012 or opened any new accounts, your account information will start from then. Over time you’ll see up to two years data.

The tool automatically categorises most of your transactions, but you might need to make a few tweaks to your income and expense categories to suit your needs and the way you like to organise your budget.

Money Tracker learns your preferences and will automatically start updating your information the way you want it. So the sooner you get started, the more accurate your budget will be (and the less tweaking you’ll need to do later on).

But keep in mind – however long (or little) time it takes, it’s well worth it because you’ll have a fantastic budgeting tool at your disposal, which can only help you reach your financial goals sooner.

These articles take you through Money Tracker’s sections step-by-step:

Start with Check your income and expenses categories in NAB Money Tracker – you’ll need to make sure this information is organised the way you want it before you can set up your budget targets and savings goals. The articles are easy to follow, with screen grabs to show you exactly what to do. There are more helpful videos, too.

How is NAB Money Tracker for you? Leave a comment or tip below.

If you have a question about a product or service, please contact us. This includes enquiries you might have about your current NAB products.

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85 Responses to Budgeting made easy with NAB Money Tracker

  1. Ben says:

    Very glad to hear this is coming – I have been using ANZ Money Manager for 2 years now so a similar service through NAB will be very welcome.

  2. Jason says:

    I currently use a very complicated excel spreadsheet. If I don’t constantly update it it soon becomes reduntant. Looking forward to Money Tracker.

  3. Anon says:

    It would be nice to have an expected date instead of soon!

  4. Caroline Stockdale says:

    When will money tracker be available?

    Thank you

    • NAB says:

      Hi Caroline, Money Tracker is now available via NAB Internet Banking – just log in and you will be able to access it. Let us know what you think! ^RD

  5. Paul Gargett says:

    Went to use money tracker and it just won’t work. So much for logging on and details being there

  6. Zain says:

    Does this NAB Money tracker work for banking accounts in Pakistan also?

    • NAB says:

      Hi Zain, all you need to access Money Tracker is to have access to Internet Banking. You’re able to log on anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection and are able to access the site to log in to your Internet Banking profile. If you need more info, feel free to drop a line at social.media@nab.com.au! ^JP

  7. Jennifer Cummings says:

    Trying to change an items category is so annoying. Clicking on the category simply enlarges it then you have to click on it again to get rid of it so you can click on it again to view the category list. Really frustrating and time consuming. Please find a more efficient way.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree; it would be good to customize the categories to our specific needs.

    • NAB says:

      Thanks for your feedback Jennifer, keen to look into this for you! I’d need some more info from you- Can you please email me the following info: What kind and brand of device are you using? (pc, mac, tablet, smart phone etc) If possible can you also send me a screen shot (please ensure you hide all personal details) to Social.media@nab.com.au -Thanks! ^SH

  8. David says:

    I would be more glad to see money track installed on NAB iPhone app? soon?

    • NAB says:

      Hi David, will definitely put your feedback through to the Money Tracker team. In the meantime you can access Money Tracker via your broswer using an iPhone or tablet, thanks ^JP

  9. Chris says:

    I’ve just spent an hour on money tracker it is fantastic!
    I have a quite a few accounts and share several with my wife.
    Once the income and expenses were correctly entered (and its brilliant that future transactions will be placed in the correct category) I got a great sense of where our money is coming from and where it’s going. Money tracker also seemed to save the preferences across both my and my wife’s shared accounts.

    I’m very impressed.
    Keeping a budget on excel was always time consuming and nearly impossible to reconcile with actual expenditure. With the transactions all recorded electronically through online banking it makes great sense to incorporate the budget right into online banking.


  10. Adam says:

    Really impressed with this – thanks NAB. Great initative on your part and hopefully it helps all of us to save a few extra dollars.

  11. Nick says:

    The second paragraph under “A step-by-step guide to setting up your Money Tracker” is confusing. Are you trying to say that people who were internet banking prior to december 2012 will have data before that date already loaded in up to a max of two rolling years worth of data? Or are you saying the data will only update at the end of the month?

    • NAB says:

      Hi Nick, the second paragraph means that users who were registered for Internet Banking prior to December 2012 will have access to all transaction information from that date. If you registered for Internet Banking after that date, or opened new accounts transaction information will only be available for when users registered for Internet Banking or opened their account. If you have any more questions feel free to send a message to social.media@nab.com.au ^JP

  12. Cherie says:

    I have just finished setting up all my Money Tracker and am really happy with it, just a pity it doesn’t have data from July 1st as it would mean not having to work with more than one data source at the end of this financial year.
    The only feedback I would give is that it would be great to have the ability to easily change the ‘category’ names to suit my individual needs and / or if you would add a category for Credit Card Payments, as you have one for Loans but nothing for CC’s.
    Also, it would be good to know the dates the Budget information covers when you select the month you want to see/set information for, especially for those of us that need specific dates instead the generalistic ‘month’.

  13. Chris Khoo says:

    Is it possible to edit categories in Money Tracker?


  14. Very impressive, I love it. Excellent work!

    You need closer attention to detail in some of your screenshots though. The “How does Money Tracker work?” one says “02 May 2012″ at the top of the page, but the pie chart is for December 2012 :P

  15. Chris Khoo says:

    Is it possible to add notes to transactions?

    This would be very useful in cases where a bank transfer was done (which isn’t very descriptive) and I needed to put down more detail.


    • NAB says:

      Hi Chris, currently you’re unable to add notes to transactions, however I’ll make sure to pass this feedback to our Money Tracker team & will advise of any updates! ^JP

  16. Fran says:

    Love money tracker… Already making my life easier! Definitely keen for an Android app!

  17. Sumo says:

    Excellent work. Have been using ANZ money Manager / Buxfer / Excel to track my money.

    Was looking at setting savings goals – it doesn’t allow us to have 2 or more savings goals linked to same bank account. Could you pls pass this on to your team.

    Thanks for the tool. Looks great. Works Great.

  18. billy says:

    This is great!!! WELL DONE NAB

  19. daz says:

    top stuff Love it

  20. Teresa says:

    Money tracker is fab! I do this by hand every month in an old lecture pad to track how much money I spend and to compare costs of things over the years, but now I can do it on the computer and it does all the tedious calculations for me in a pie chart – brilliant! Love it.

  21. Kylie says:

    Hoping to see the NAB tracker on the app soon!

  22. Dylan says:

    Accidentally discovered this – really quite impressive: seems very useful.

    In the way of feedback – I think there is room for improvement for dealing with “transfers” (in the income and expenses section), for both internal and external transfers.

    For example, internal transfers from my transaction account to my credit card account came up as “income” – which isn’t really correct (it is just money shifting really) – and as such, my supposed “income” was a lot higher than it actually is.

    For external transfers, (both in and out of NAB) – it would be good to have a bit more detail or more options. For example, a transfer to an external savings account (or any other investment) isn’t really an “expense”. I understand you can ‘unselect’ any external transfers (to get a proper idea of your money flows), but this is a bit of a messy workaround (and doesn’t really properly track money very well in my opinion)….Of course you probably just want us to keep all our money in NAB! :p

    Anyway, great work – looking for forward to seeing how this develops.

  23. Meegan says:

    The money tracker is a great idea, thanks. When can we expect the feature requests people are asking for, to be implemented? For us, it would be a far more valuable tool if there was an option to add new categories, to be able to personalise existing categories, or add a note to a transaction. For example, credit card payments isn’t on the list, that is more relevant to us than Pay TV, so it’d be good to have the option to swap them.

    • NAB says:

      Thanks for you feedback, Meegan – We are always working on updating and expanding all our services. I’ll pass your feedback to the team – Keep an eye out here for news on future updates ^SM

  24. Steve says:

    Am loving the money tracker so far. My only question is that it hasn’t got any transactions for the last three days. Is there anything I can do to update the information or is that a standard delay for information to reach the service?


  25. Marie larsen says:

    Please add money tracker to Android app. Also let people change account under saving goals and add fortnightly as an option under budgets. Great job, thanks

  26. Michael Arter says:

    Hi there,
    Looks great! Is this/will this be available on the iPad as I’m going to be using an iPad as my primary device soon for connecting to the internet.

  27. Paul says:

    I think the money tracker could do with some improvement number one problem is it doesn’t seem to allow categorising of Credit Card expenses? (with a NAB credit card) It just shows the credit card payment and expects you to split between expenses which is impossible.
    This makes it unusable to me because all my expenses are through the credit card.

    Other nice to have features would be linking to benefit reward accounts but not a big deal

    • NAB says:

      Hi Paul, thanks for your feedback. I have passed it on to the Money Tracker team. Keep an eye out here for news on future enhancements and upgrades ^SM

  28. Daniel says:

    Well done NAB, as a new customer and a hopeless saver/budgeter this was exactly what I need.
    Now check my account and monthly targets daily to make sure I’m on track.
    If I could ask for one improvement it would be to have transactions uploaded daily rather than it being a couple of days late. Shouldn’t be too hard with same day processing now though hey? ;)
    Keep up the good work guys

  29. Nick Westley says:

    I find Money Tracker very useful in tracking my expenditure. However I have a couple of suggestions:
    1. Include a download facility into an Excel spreadsheet which can then be amended by users.
    2. Extend the number of “splits” allowed in a transaction to enable the expenditure of EFTPOS cash withdrawals to be adequately included.
    3. Extended the list of categories to include user generated categories.
    4. Make available an additional user generated version of Money Tracker which would allow the inclusion of income & expenditure which do not go through a NAB account.
    Thank you

    • NAB says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Nick! We’re always looking to improve and I have passed on your comments to the relevant teams for consideration. ^RD

  30. John says:

    Quite useful BUT It has been a good couple of weeks since this last worked. All I track now is how many days I have seen the ‘Money tracker is currently unavailable, sorry. Please try again later.’ message…

    • Naveed Nadvi says:

      I see this too. I have found that clicking on any other feature EXCEPT “income and expense” takes me to the transactions, and then when I click on “income and expense” I see the charts again. This must be a glitch in the software that needs to be rectified soon!

    • NAB says:

      Hi John, is this a constant error that pops up? Please forward more info to social.media@nab.com.au ^SM

  31. Ron Splight says:

    NAB, you need to be congratulated on releasing this software for free. I can now look at getting rid of my costly MYOB license.

    Do you have a public roadmap for when new features will be released?

  32. Naveed Nadvi says:

    I have come to love Money Tracker. Here are a few points that I hope will further improve the application:

    1. The feature “This time, 3 months ago” when comparing the current month is not working. It shows the total income/expense for that month rather than only up to the date compared to. “This time, last month” and “6 month average” seems to be working.

    2. The “Savings forecast” feature seems to be predicting funny numbers. How is the prediction calculated? It seems to be the least useful of all features. A bit more detail on how it works based on budget targets and savings goal is essential before I believe what it says.

    3. In general it would be much more useful if the transactions are processed faster (ideally within 24 hours) so that we know about our finances. Typically it takes 3 days before I can see transactions in Money Tracker.

    Hope this helps.

  33. Milad says:

    Have you guys released any MoneyTracker iPhone app??? I cannot access it even through iPhone web browser
    Please! do something about it!

  34. NAB says:

    Hi Milad, I’ll pass your feedback to the team; please keep an eye out for updates :) ^LB

  35. Dave says:

    It was here last week but seems to be gone. Is it having issues or has it gone on holidays for the long weekend?

  36. Darrin says:

    This is really a splendid article on this blog. Blog sites need to have
    more articles like this. This is actually one of my preferred blogs among the rest.
    It provides a lot of information and wisdom. Would highly suggest this blog to other people.
    Looking forward to even more articles in this blog.

  37. Rebecka Darling-Darren says:

    yesterday I sat down to FINALLY PROPERLY create an excel budget spreadsheet, with all the formula embedded – to sum this, that, the other, subtract this category of expenses from income, to compare this area of spending against that. Goodness what an overwhelming plan, but I KNEW this is what I needed. This morning I told a friend my story. She looked at me sideways and said “NAB money tracker – it all already exists – and it automatically logs your expenditures if you bank with them anyway” (and i do). WOW. WOW. WOW. it’s fantastic. It’s sooooo much flasher than my pretty-flash-I-thought excel formulaic convulsions! WELL DONE NAB – this is an exceptional delivery – your best in decades.
    One question – my money tracker seems to be ‘behind’ – it doesnt seem to log my expenditures AS I MAKE them. Ie it’s currently not logged about 15 days worth of my visa card expenditure. what’s going on there? can it be mended?

  38. Rebecka Darling-Darren says:

    I am still completely stoked in this NAB Money Tracker. It’s still lagging (3 days – not 15 anymore), but still you’d think it could be instantaneous.

    Because I now love it so much, I’m wanting to give feedback (and see what the forum users think) to the tech guys at NAB who work on it: It’d be outstanding if we could have an option to create a second Income & Expenditure schedule. For instance, I like to live of my salary. So it makes sense to be comparing Income (salary) and personal living expenditures (expenditures) together there. BUT COMPLETELY separate to that, I bring in income from my investment property (rents from tenants) and have expenditures related to that (mortgage, maintenance, property mgt fees etc). I dont want these investment property income & expenditure shenanigans jumbled in with my salary & personal expenses I&E schedule. What I want is the opportunity to have two entirely separate schedules for these two entirely separate financial environments in my life. Do you reckon this could become a feature soon?

  39. Lou P says:

    Hi NAB

    Where will I find the privacy statement relating to money tracker? I’d like to understand how the information I submit might be used by the bank.

    Many thanks

    Lou P

  40. Sandra says:

    I agree with Lou P.
    What are the bank’s privacy policies with regard to how I categorize my transactions – and what the bank has AUTOMATICALLY used from my transactions to make its own categories ?
    And if I don’t want the bank to play around with my info in this way, how do I turn Money Tracker off ?

    • NAB says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Money Tracker is an automated function of NAB Internet Banking, and can’t be turned off. However, customers are able to deselect accounts from view within Money Tracker.

      If a customer doesn’t wish to view any Money tracker information they can deselect all of their accounts. This can be done by:

      -Logging into Internet Banking and select Budgeting Accounts from within the Money Tracker menu
      -Deselect all the accounts that a customer doesn’t wish to view within Money Tracker
      -Navigate off the page and the changes are made.
      -Customers with no accounts selected for view within Money Tracker will see the following on their Account Summary screen.

      In relation to our privacy policy you can view link above in response to Lou’s post ^JP

  41. Kerry Shepherd says:

    I have a number of transactions that simply aren’t showing up on Money Tracker from the last month or so (most notably a rent payment and salary deposit). It makes the system substantially less useful if I can’t trust it to record all transactions.

  42. LOUISE SHERRIS says:

    Will there be an app for android coming out soon?

  43. Roslyn Jennings says:

    I’ve been using Money Tracker for more than two years and have to constantly tweak the categories. MT has not updated my preferences. Fortnightly Investment Income still shows as Salary; monthly Mortgage Payments still show as Excluded when I want them Included, and many other examples…never updated. I have to monitor every single expense and income to keep consistent records.

  44. Cheryl says:

    Many times from many NAB customers you have been given feedback stating that they, as I, want to be able to add, or rename the categories . Always a very nice, polite response …. ” I will pass this on to Money Tracker Team”.

    I have been reading the comments about this from other NAB customers …eg -

    ” I agree; it would be good to customize the categories to our specific needs”,

    ” Extended the list of categories to include user generated categories.”, “Is it possible to edit categories in Money Tracker?.”,

    “Meegan says: February 24, 2013 at 9:56 pm
    The money tracker is a great idea, thanks. When can we expect the feature requests people are asking for, to be implemented? For us, it would be a far more valuable tool if there was an option to add new categories, to be able to personalise existing categories, or add a note to a transaction. For example, credit card payments isn’t on the list, that is more relevant to us than Pay TV, so it’d be good to have the option to swap them.”

    “Chris Khoo says: February 9, 2013 at 6:16 pm
    Is it possible to edit categories in Money Tracker?”

    “Kelly says: February 14, 2013 at 12:35 am
    I agree; it would be good to customize the categories to our specific needs.”

    “Cherie says: February 8, 2013 at 1:27 am
    “The only feedback I would give is that it would be great to have the ability to easily change the ‘category’ names to suit my individual needs and / or if you would add a category for Credit Card Payments, as you have one for Loans but nothing for CC’s.”, I think the money tracker could do with some improvement number one problem is it doesn’t seem to allow categorising of Credit Card expenses? (with a NAB credit card) It just shows the credit card payment and expects you to split between expenses which is impossible. This makes it unusable to me because all my expenses are through the credit card.”,


    Just on this page alone and starting from January 2013 Despite requests/ complaints about this for several years, there is still no change. I would like to know why is has not been changed?

    • NAB says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      Unfortunately the money tracker is not a facility that the social media team deals with directly- for this reason, we need to pass on any feedback to the Internet Banking escalation team to deal with.

      Alternatively, customers may also lodge a formal complaint in relation to their feedback which will also be dealt with by our NAB Resolve Team and the Internet Banking specialists.

      If you would like to lodge a formal complaint, you can do so on the NAB website ^NJ

  45. Shantae says:

    Helpful info. Lucky me I discovered your web site unintentionally,
    and I am stunned why this coincidence didn’t took place in advance!
    I bookmarked it.

  46. Michelle says:

    How can i get money tracker and can i get it on my phone app??

    • NAB says:

      Hi Michelle, the NAB Money Tracker is only available on the full website at this point in time. It’s available for everyone free on Internet Banking! ^DK

  47. michael says:

    hi. why is not possible to import transactions from another instituion? this is a real bugbear with this software IMHO

    • NAB says:

      Hi Michael, each institution will have their own tracker throughout their Internet Banking for the convenience of their customers- You may need to seek alternative third party money tracking applications/ programs to be able to combine numerous banking trackers into one. Sorry for the inconvenience ^NJ

  48. RiCHARD says:

    Have been using this successfully since 1 July last year.

    However, have just hit a BIG stumbling block – I lost my Visa card and was reissued with a new card with a new number. ALL transactions from my old Visa card (which had all been nicely categorised…) have now disappeared so I no longer have a record of all those expenses through the first 6 months of the financial year and have lost how I am going against budget.

    Is there a way to recover those transactions into Money Tracker? If not, then this is too big a risk to take – suddenly people just lose all the info they have been relying on the bank to keep. It will certainly force my to go back to the more painstaking process of doing this in something like MYOB or Quicken.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Richard, if your card has been stopped unfortunately there’s no way to have the data put back onto your Money Tracker, however, I’ve passed your feedback on to the team ^BH

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