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We’ve changed NAB Internet Banking. But don’t fear – we’ve included features that’ll give you more control over your banking.

Update your term deposit

Now you can update your term deposit’s maturity instructions (including your term length, investment amount and interest frequency) from within NAB Internet Banking.

Home loan application form

No more pop-up windows. No more lack of personalisation.

Now you can complete a home loan application form from within NAB Internet Banking – with some of your details being pre-populated!

Easy to find interest and tax information

Are you frustrated by having to search each of your accounts for your financial year’s interest? Is performing manual calculations on individual account statements too time consuming?

We’re taking the hassle out of interest and tax by providing you with a single view of all of your credit interest & withholding tax information. You can access this from 7am to 9pm on weekdays (excluding public holidays).

Improvements to our mobile app

We’re making a few changes to the NAB Mobile Internet Banking, too.

Passcode for payments

No more redirects to our desktop site. By using your 4-digit passcode, you can now pay bills and transfer funds up to the same limits as SMS Security on NAB Internet Banking’s desktop version. And if you don’t have SMS Security set up, enabling the passcode will do this automatically.

You can also send money to billers and payees that haven’t been pre-authenticated, giving you more freedom to bank as you’d like.

Pay a bill with a BPAY® QR code

BPAY® uses QR codes now. And, because of this, we’ve changed our mobile app to include a code scanner – to make it easier to pay your bills.

Just scan the BPAY® QR code on your bill, and the payment details will be automatically filled in. Then, just authorise the payment and you’re done.

Look for BPAY® codes on your next NAB credit card statement.

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45 Responses to NAB Internet Banking has changed

  1. Jessica says:

    Looks like you’ve also changed my ability to overdraw my account. Without any warning I can no longer go a couple of dollars in debit. Wow, how embarrassed was I when i had to put $3 worth of groceries back yesterday. Even though im paid tomorrow. Thanks for that.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Jessica, from time to time you may be able to overdraw your account.

      When a transaction is initiated, NAB will make a decision as to whether to allow the transaction to go through. In most situations the system will allow the account to be overdrawn in the first instance.

      A request to overdraw your account may not be approved every time. To ensure your transaction will go through, you need to ensure you have sufficient funds available.

      You might want to apply for a permanent overdraft facility on your account, if this is something that you do often. Here‘s a link with some more info ^CT

  2. says:

    android users beware – QR code not enabled yet? I uninstalled and downloaded again just to check!
    Do we have a date yet?

    • NAB says:

      Hi Brian, the latest version of the NAB Internet Banking app has the QR code function, are you still unable to access this? Have you updated to the most recent version? If you’re still unable to access this shoot through a contact number to and I’ll have the team look into it for you ^CT

  3. John Hughes says:

    Cannot log in to my accounts which I have been doing for years. Your login tab doesn’t work?
    Why is it so?

    • NAB says:

      Hi John, I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner. Are you still having difficulties logging into internet banking? If so, please let me know and I’ll have our Internet Banking team be in touch ^BH

  4. Bob Lewis says:

    I used to be able to check my accounts daily on the internet. With your changes, I cannot even find how to get into my accounts anymore. What have you done

  5. barry wilson says:

    i am inquiring if possible to have money transfered from my nab account to a personal cheuquing account at a td canada trust bank in london ontario canada and what would the cost per trasaction be

    yours sincerly
    barry wilson

  6. George Newton says:

    As a disillusioned customer of another Big 4 bank, I will be closing all my accounts with that bank, having attempted to navigate through your web site to get account and fees details, I have given up, the site is full of useless information, very hard to search for even for basic information. Who ever designed and wrote the web site should revisit and redesign the whole personal web site page. I could do a better job in my spare time,Also your recaptcha security words are a pain to read

  7. I would have to say that the NAB internet banking app is the easiest to use of all the apps I have seen. The ease of use and the functionality mean that I can do most of the things I need to do, even when I am away from my office.

    Very useful.

  8. The Login doesn’t work any more for me to sign in to internet banking

    • NAB says:

      Hi Heather, is this still the case? If so, can you please inbox me ( I’ll have the team look into it for you ^LB

  9. Ludwig says:

    I used to be able to check my accounts monthly on the internet. With your changes, I cannot even find how to get into my accounts anymore. I have a big problem, ´cause we want to visit Australia next year. I intend to transfer some money to NAB, but I can´t do it! As well, I have not received a new nab debit card. The last one´s validity ended 11/10!!


    • NAB says:

      That doesn’t sound right, Ludwig – do you still have access to internet banking? I’m keen to see what happened so that I can sort something out for you, can you please inbox me with more details ( once I get more info, I’ll be able to follow up for you ^LB

  10. Tracy says:

    Can I cancel a scheduled fund transfer?

    Thank you,

    • NAB says:

      Hi Tracy, you can certainly cancel a scheduled funds transfer – click here to find out how. Let me know if you require any further assistance ^DH

  11. It is in reality a nice and useful piece of info.
    I am happy that you simply shared this useful info with us.
    Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  12. One thing that does frustrate me a little is that I can get an email update of my account balances each day, but only for my savings and credit card account. The most important ones, the business accounts are excluded.

    The business accounts are where everything happens and it would be good if they enabled this feature for them as well.

  13. Robyn says:

    What’s happening to internet banking? When I log in I only get a page saying “Get PIN ready today” with no way of navigating off that page to my accounts.

  14. Wong S.F. says:

    I have always accessed my personal accounts online buy using a 15 digit userid provided by NAB. Today I realise that I can no long access my account using the same. I am asked to re-register for online banking using the 8 digit number at the back of my ATM card.

    Is this the new procedure required and I can no longer use the 15 digit userid of old?

    If my ATM card has expired in MAY 2014 and I have not received the new card yet, is the 8 digit number on the expired card still valid?

    My spouse also has an account with NAB, but she has never received an ATM card. In this case how does she access her account online?

    Please be informed that we are not residing in Australia.

    Thank you.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Wong, your NAB ID can be seen as your customer number with us and it is generally 8 digits long. I am unaware of a 15-digit ID and I wonder if you may be confusing it with your account number. The NAB ID at the back of your expired card should still apply as this number rarely changes unless you’ve requested it. Since you are overseas and haven’t received a replacement card upon expiry of your old card, I recommend contacting us on +61 3 8641 9083 from 8am-7pm Mon-Fri, or 9am-6pm on weekends (AEST/AEDT). Alternatively, you can send through a Secure Message on Internet Banking in regards to this issue and the team will investigate – here’s how to use this channel: ^DH

  15. Lucia Loizou says:

    What the? I go to log in and 20 mins later still can’t get into my account. NAB please get your Sh.t together and send an email to you customers to inform them of changes. I work and certainly don’t have time to waste working out this stuff. Now I have to waste more time to go into the Bank personally to see how I can access the ONLINE BANKING so I can organise my own money. Please guys think of the people that help keep NAB in business.

  16. Helen Vafias says:

    Need to pay one account that in previous times I have had no problem. Please help me

  17. jess says:

    Never had an issue with NAB until I loose,my bank card overseas and NAB has no number to call from overseas just the Australian one… I don’t have the money to spend on phone credit answering security questions… Get an overseas number! Also I am trying to figure out where the secure message inbox is… Your website is too frustrating I can’t find it anywhere!

    • NAB says:

      Hi Jess,

      I apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you-

      Under the ‘contact us’ section of our website, there is a link that provides you with all of our contact number- For lost and stolen cards, from overseas you can contact +61 3 86419083 24 hours, 7 days.

      Unfortunately for security purposes we must authenticate every customer with the required security questions during every call, unless you have a telephone banking password.

      Hope that helps for future reference.

      Kind Regards,

      Social Media Team

  18. Barry says:

    When I log into my account and go into Statements, I cannot return to the previous page without being logged out.
    This means I must log in a second time to pay the account.
    Why is there no BACK button from the Statement page to the previous page?

    • NAB says:

      That’s strange, Barry – when you open up statements, another window should be open – can you please let me know what type of browser you are using? ^LB

  19. Sohag says:


    I want to know about internet banking from overseas. I am going to migrate to Australia. so I am new and searching for a convenient banking service for me.
    So I would like to know whether you have the flexibility of using internet banking from overseas. Can I use overseas phone number to receive authentication code? I mean what will be the procedure to avail internet banking from overseas.


    • NAB says:

      Hi Sohag, you can definitely access internet banking from overseas – if you’re traveling, or moving from Australia to another country just remember to update your mobile number before you leave! You’re able to use an overseas phone number to receive messages ^TC

  20. M A Shanklin says:

    If this issue of not being able to log in continues, I will relocate all our funds to another bank. Having attempted to navigate through your web site to get account and fees details, I have given up, the site is full of useless information, very hard to search for even for basic information. this has been occurring for a fortnight now. Losing patience. Who ever designed and wrote the web site should revisit and redesign the whole personal web site page. As a disillusioned customer.

  21. Brian Rope says:

    Easier to use

  22. Brian Rope says:

    It will be better once you learn the system

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