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When you’re sending money overseas, no doubt you’ll want it to get there fast.

We’re part of the SWIFT secure network of international banks, which we can use to move your funds around the world quickly.

Transfers requested prior to a day’s cut off time will usually reach the receiving bank the same business day. If sent after cut off, funds will be received the next business day; usually reaching even the most obscure destinations within 72 hours.

What are the cut-off times for International Funds Transfers?

What you’ll need


Always try to provide the SWIFT or BIC code to the receiving bank.

If you’re using a valid IBAN (International Bank Account Number) this will automatically populate in NAB Internet Banking if you click the Generate button.

Local currency

Wherever possible, send funds using the default currency for the country you’re transferring to. This protects you from currency fluctuations, and makes for faster transfers (due to not having to convert the funds).

Future use

You can save beneficiary details for future transfers, allowing you quick transfers straight from your everyday accounts.

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45 Responses to Send money overseas quickly with NAB Internet Banking

  1. thuha thi nguyen says:

    I want to know , i have account nab of australia, is does has nab in vietnam ?

  2. Jojo says:

    Hi NAB,
    How much is the charge/fee if I transfer money to Philippines? Is it a fix charge regardless of the amount of money to transfer? Also, what is the maximum amount per transfer?


  3. Branko says:

    How I can transfer funds to Serbia ? There is no Serbia in your list ,but I do have a valid swift code and IBAN number?

    Thank You

  4. Susan hume says:

    Can you give me the IBAN for an international transfer to my account from Italy. Thank you

    • NAB says:

      Hi Susan,

      You will need to provide the overseas bank with the information below when transferring funds to your NAB account:

      - The address of your home branch
      - Your 9 digit account number and the 6 digit BSB number
      - NAB’s SWIFT Code: NATAAU3303M

      The funds will take 48-72 hours to reach your account as available funds.
      As NAB does not use IBAN numbers, you will only need your BSB and account number. ^MB

  5. Jonathan Morris says:

    I have an Indonesian Bank account that is linked to a USD and AUD dollar account.
    If I send AUD from my NAB account in Australia to my Indonesian AUD account is it first converted to Rupiah then back into AUD?
    I recently sent some Aussie dollars to my Indo account and lost quite a substantial amount in the transaction.
    My Indonesian bank which is BII were unable to help with any explanation but there’s probably a third party bank involved along the way.
    Great to hear feedback.

  6. Graeme Blair says:

    Can I use internet banking to send money to Zambia, or do I still need to have the transfer done at a branch?

  7. Mike Byrne says:

    Where can I get a listing of exchange rate quotes?
    I am looking to send money from:
    a) Australia to South Africa
    b) Australia to new Zealand

  8. Tia says:

    I want to transfer from my Indonesia bank account to my client’s account that have NAB account. He provides the swift code and bank account number, but the account is 10 digits which 8 digits of combination of character and numeric 2 digits (eg. PROGRUSD01). Is it the correct bank account number or not?

  9. NAB money transfer services, you can send money to almost anyone, anywhere in multiple currencies. It’s fast and secure.Thanks for worthy information

  10. Verity Coleman says:

    I am considering transferring Australian Dollars from my NAB account while I am in Australia to my own Royal Bank of Scotland account in Scotland for use when I get there in February. I have done some reading and just wanting to check a couple of things.
    What fee would NAB charge this end???
    ( I know that Royal Bank of Scotland charges 10 pounds at their end.)
    Do you have a rough estimate of what the middle exchange bank would charge – I am aware that there is a middle man and would this bank do the conversion from Australian Dollars into Pounds???
    Are there limits on the amounts you can transfer – do the fees increase with increased amounts??
    I asked at a local branch and was told that I had to do a telegraphic transfer and not be able to do it myself online. Am I correct in what I am reading online – that I CAN indeed do it myself online??? I would have thought that they could have told me this so of course I am in some doubt and want to confirm.
    Any assistance to clarify would be gratefully received.Kind Regards
    Verity Coleman

    • NAB says:

      Hi Verity, international transfers through Internet Banking can only be sent to a limited number of countries, and at this stage Scotland is not one of them. However, it can definitely be done at the branch and a flat fee of $35 will be charged, irrelevant of the amount being sent. The additional charges by the intermediary bank vary from bank to bank and with the amount being transferred; therefore I am not able provide an estimate. You can click here for the Frequently Asked Questions about International Transfers. If you required further assistance, please email us at ^DH

  11. Verity Coleman says:

    Can you tell me what to do if I want to send more than $20 000 to my UK account. I believe that 20 000 is the limit for one transaction and I will be wanting to transfer a lot more than this to buy a property.
    Also does anyone have a rough idea of what the intermediate banks charge from a NAB account here to UK. I can’t seem to find out any sort of guide for these fees.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Verity, to transfer more than $20,000, at one go overseas, you’ll need to head into a NAB Branch. We do not have information on the fees that can be potentially charged by intermediary banks for overseas funds transfers – For any further enquiries, please email us at ^SM

  12. I intend to go to China soon and send some money to my wife, who is there already. I was wondering what the process would be (the links from some of the other answers weren’t working).

    • NAB says:

      Hi Peter,

      You can send funds across to you wife either via submitting an International Transfer through your Internet Banking (instructions here) or by visiting a branch.

      Note you need to have registered your NAB ID for ‘Pay Anyone’ access and also for SMS Security to be able to perform an International Funds Transfer on your Internet Banking and all international funds transfers incur a flat $22 fee from NAB. Additionally, a majority of International banks levy processing charges which vary between banks and countries and could result in additional fees being charged. When completing your International Funds Transfer you can select to have the additional fees; charged back to your account, or charged to the beneficiary. (This may result in the beneficiary receiving less funds than the amount sent).

      Funds transfers requested via a branch incur a fee of $30 from NAB. There might be fees from international banks as well ^SN

  13. Rebecca says:

    Hi i wanted to send some money to a asb new zealand account i used there normal account number and it went through on my end however its been 3 days and they havnt recieved it do i or they need a different number or something? and i have put my money into someones account? and can i get that back? Thanks

    • NAB says:

      Hi Rebecca, how did you make the transfer? Was this conducted via your NAB internet banking? If so and they still haven’t received the funds, you will need to lodge a dispute. To dispute an online International Funds Transfer, you need to send a secure message through Internet Banking with the full details of the disputed transaction. The Internet & SMS Banking Support Team will receive your message and commence the dispute resolution process. If you sent the funds via a NAB Branch, you will need to visit the Branch again and have them trace the funds :) ^LB

  14. Phu says:

    Is there any NAB branch in Hochiminh city , Vietnam?
    We receive a payment note from our customer in Australia, who has Nab account, we do not know this payment transfer or not yet.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Phu,

      Just looking for further clarification, are you expecting funds to be credited to your account? If this is the case you’ll need to talk to the customer or view your bank statement as we’re not able to access peoples accounts due to privacy reasons.


  15. Gregor says:

    Hi, looking to transfer money from my RBS account over to my NAB account… would i be able to do this in one of your outlets?

    • NAB says:

      Hi Gregor,

      You’ll need to contact the sending financial institution.

      You’ll need to following to make an inward International Funds transfer to your NAB account.

      • The SWIFT/BIC Code NATAAU3303M
      • Your BSB and account number
      • Your account name and address

      Hope this helps! ^SN

  16. Pilipinas Ramos says:

    I want to transfer money from NAB to Metrobank here in the Philippines, but I cannot complete the transaction, a dialogue box always appear and saying that I have to update my address and advised me to contact NAB, I’ve done it but still the system still ask me to update my address, confusing..what I will do to have successful international fund transfer?

    • NAB says:

      Hey Pilipinas, to do an international transfer from your internet banking , you’ll need to make sure you have an Australian address as the primary mailing address – you can call us on 13 22 65 to check and update your details ^RW

  17. Pilipinas Ramos says:

    I can not transfer money overseas, a message that I should update my address always pop up, I called nab twice where I spent 1000php already, but still I cant transfer…please help

  18. Sandra says:

    It says that it’s best to choose the local/national currency but when I wanted to use Turkey’s national currency (lira), it didn’t give me that option, instead I was forced to use USD? Will that effect how long the transfer will take?

  19. Sam says:

    I’m planning on paying for holiday accommodation by an international bank transfer of funds directly to the owner’s account. If it turns out the accommodation is bogus and doesn’t exist, do I have any ability to dispute the funds transfer and get my money back? Thanks.

    • NAB says:

      Hi Sam, you will be able to dispute the transfer however I’m unable to advise the outcome of the Disputes team’s investigations – if you have any doubt that this may turn out to be a scam, I recommend not proceeding with the transaction ^DH

  20. Badette Ignacio says:

    Hi There,

    I’ve been granted my permanent residency visa and I’m planning to open a NAB savings account prior to my arrival in Sydney 1.5 months from now. How can I transfer my money from a Philippine bank to my NAB account? Thanks!

  21. lenny says:

    My son wish to transfer AUD money to my bank account in Malaysia.

    1. What details that I need to provide him.
    2. Is it needed to be convert to Malaysia Ringgit or can be in AUD?

    Your earliest reply is very much appreciated.



    • NAB says:

      Hi Lenny, your son will need your account number as well as the bsb and your bank’s SWIFT code (also known as IBAN) – the funds will be automatically converted to Malaysian Ringgit upon transfer ^DH

  22. Alex says:

    I wish to transfer fund from philippines to sydney NAB. I need to pay for enrollment and tution for my kids. Is there a limit in receiving money from same account name(sending and receiving) the amount is around 40k usd.. Will there be problem?

    • NAB says:

      There’s no limit in terms of receiving, Alex – however if you are sending the funds from another bank, you’ll need to enquire with them to see what their transfer limit is :) ^LB

  23. Mike says:

    I’m trying to send money from Australia to New Zealand. What numbers are relevant and what system do I use! Many thanks ( ps I have the 16 digit number) regards mike

    • NAB says:

      Hi Mike, to transfer the funds via your NAB Internet Banking, you just need to be registered for SMS Security and have the SWIFT code, BSB and account number for the recipient. Once you have all that, just log in and select ‘New international transfer’ from the ‘Funds Transfer’ menu ^BH

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